Team Up with Your Dentist – Eat These Foods for Cleaner, Whiter Teeth

You may be in the care of your trusted dentist in Temecula, but that doesn’t mean the responsibility of dental health eases off from you. It’s still your task to eat and drink right so your teeth remain strong, clean, and confidence-boosting.

An easy way for you to stay healthy is to stick to foods that neither stain nor weaken your teeth – as well as whiten them naturally over time. Here’s a quick guide to what can help you stay on top of dental cosmetics.


Strawberries often headline teeth-whitening lists because they contain mallic acid. This enzyme acts as a natural astringent to combat discoloration. But apples are also a good choice. Their high water content helps produce bacteria-washing saliva, and their crunchiness may help scrub teeth.


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