Temecula, CA Periodontal Treatment: About Periodontitis and Gingivitis


Many people use the terms ‘periodontitis’ and ‘gingivitis’ interchangeably, but as what any good Temecula, CA periodontal treatment specialist will tell you, although they are both classified as a type of periodontal disease, they are two different conditions altogether. It is important to know the difference between the two to help you understand why you’re receiving a specific type of periodontal treatment and not another.

Periodontitis vs. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation in the gums caused by plaque on teeth. Symptoms include swollen or bleeding gums, with the bleeding mostly occurring when one brushes his or her teeth. Gingivitis usually precedes periodontitis, but not all gingivitis progresses to periodontitis especially when the proper treatment is observed. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2mdbrnC


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