A Closer Look at Some Periodontal Treatment Options for Gum Disease

If you are wondering what your options are for periodontal treatment in Temecula, you are not alone. Periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease, is unfortunately common, and it must be treated or the condition can worsen over time. When it worsens, tooth loss and the deterioration of the jawbone can develop. There may also be considerable pain, a change in the facial structure and other unpleasant effects as a result. While these are not desirable outcomes, the good news is that there are plenty of periodontal treatment options in Temecula, CA that are available to you.

Non-Surgical Treatments
At one time, the main treatment option for gum disease was a surgical treatment that involved restoring the gum line to a higher elevation along the tooth, but this is no longer the only option available. For example, there is now a periodontal laser treatment that is just as effective, that has minimal down time and that is considerably less painful than the surgical option.


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