How a Getting Dental Implant Helps Your Body to Grow New Bone Tissue

When you lose one of your natural teeth, the tooth is not the only tissue that is lost from your body. The bone tissue in your jaw that supported the tooth’s roots and nerves also degenerates. This in turn can affect your neighboring teeth. Bone loss in your jaws can also lead to other problems, such as gum disease, loose teeth and pain when chewing, talking or swallowing. When you get a dental implant in Temecula, you can put a halt to the bone loss or even reverse it. Consider these three ways that a dental implant can help to improve the health of your jaws and other teeth.

Preserves Existing Natural Bone

If you get a dental implant soon after losing your natural tooth, the placement of the implant’s post helps to preserve the natural bone tissue that is in your jaw. Your healing after getting dental implants in Temecula may be faster when you have sufficient bone tissue to anchor the post.


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